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The Sandhill Story started in 2008 when three Finnish music-loving engineers got together to be innovative, a little crazy, and set a goal for themselves in which no one else had achieved.


Their goal: To create an original beautiful sounding ribbon microphone that has no limitations in its use or application, completely free from the common problems that are associated with all the ribbon microphones of the past.

The only condition: The Sandhill microphone would be finished without any compromises.


The 3-year design and test period was full of inspiring moments of eureka, leading to the creation of increasingly better versions. During this period, the three individuals evolved from being friends into an interactive team, which together with much trial, error, testing, and feedback, was able to create the Sandhill 6011A Ribbon Microphone.

The market feedback, progression, and evolution has since resulted in the creation of the Sandhill 6019A - and has only increased the passion of these three engineers in their pursuit of delivering the best ribbon microphone possible.



Riku Pasanen

Known as the "Father of Sandhill Audio" -- with shared custody of course -- Riku is the spark of the Sandhill team and is in charge of the mechanical design and fabrication of the Sandhill products.  


"The idea is the key, and you don´t give up if you feel something’s meaningful to you."


Petteri Taponen

Responsible for the electronics research, design, and fabrication at Sandhill; Petteri likes to set challenges, knowing that not backing down means gaining ground in some direction.

“Curiosity is a driving force and questioning of everything makes you stay on the right track”


Sammy Roiha

The "dogears" of the Sandhill team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into the R&D side of Sandhill, helping to interpret the customer requirements into the goals for Sandhill products.


"Many of the barriers in life are set by people themselves, and knowing this has played an important role in the creation of the Sandhill ribbon microphones."

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