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The UNBREAKABLE Long-Ribbon Microphone


Any audio equipment that succeeds in imitating human hearing has always had a permanent place in the toolbox of audio engineers; Early microphones, ribbon microphones, are such devices. It has a natural human-like way of hearing sounds and, therefore, outperforms other types of microphones.

Nothing comes for free though; the ribbon microphone, as with the human ear, is a delicate and fragile instrument that is unable to withstand long periods of time in front of a loud sound source without risking permanent damage.

Sandhill has solved this "fragile" ribbon microphone limitation, while still preserving the classic ribbon tone and behavior. Sandhill ribbon microphones are constructed by applying modern materials and fabrication methods to the traditional and well proven concept, resulting in more sound definition, musicality, durability, and convenience than previously seen with ribbon microphones. 

6019A Ribbon Microphone

Finnish Nano-Technology 


The mechanical structure consists of rigid precision machined aluminum and steel parts, resulting a resonance free structure for the ribbon.

The ribbon element is an electrically conductive composite material, making it significantly stronger than traditional aluminum ribbons. This extra strength allows Sandhill to use only minimal screening around the ribbon without the fear of broken transducers. The microphone can handle unbelievably high sound pressure levels without any sign of distortion or physical damage. The Sandhill unique custom corrugated ribbon profile is designed to minimize the effect of standing wave modes on a ribbon element.

Finnish technology, design, and manufacturing, with the addition of Swedish Lundahl Transformers means 100% European made. 

Active circuitry


The active circuitry of the Sandhill microphone is designed to prevent the preamplifier from damping the ribbon. The circuit works as a very high constant load for the ribbon, while providing a low output impedance that any preamp can handle. With active electronics, the ever critical transient response and low end frequency response are optimized. Using passive ribbon microphones with preamps that have a low input impedance is a gamble, but the Sandhill mics will work optimal with any preamp capable of delivering nominal gain and 48 Volt phantom power.



Quality comes from attitude. At Sandhill, the high quality and product consistency is not a coincidence. The quality comes about from the tight criteria and the knowledge of how much one can deviate from that criteria; Criteria which is based on empirical knowledge about what the focus of the quality control should be. Sandhill Audio applies it’s own quality system that manages all the phases of manufacturing from acknowledged material suppliers to individual technical and audio testing of the final product. The sound of every Sandhill microphone is documented to ensure that the high quality standards are met.

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